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French Canadian Voice Over

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The studio is equipped to offer world class recording quality. The main elements:
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Recording booth: WhisperRoom 4242 s, with complete acoustic treatment.
Silent Ventilation System (VSS) and Outdoor Exhaust Muffler System (EFS)

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Main microphone:
Neumann TLM- ​​103,
with anti-vibration suspension

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Avalon VT- 737 SP

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Audio interface:
Apogee Duet USB

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IMac with 21.5 inch Retina 4 k display, Intel Core i5 3,1 GHz Processor

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Adobe Audition CC

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Adam A3X

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Recording booth speakers:
Bose, Companion 20

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Audio-Technica ATM-M50X

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Recording booth earphones:
Sony MDR- 7506

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Two Apple Cinema Displays 20

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Recording booth monitor:
LG, LCD E2041

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Mackie 802 VLZ4

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Amplifier for headphones:
Behringer, Micro Amp HA400

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